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Cloud Scanner: Flexible Multipoint Scanning


Flexible multi point scanning for brighter images and selective excitation below single cell size.

LaVision BioTec's Cloud Scanner improves 2-photon Laser Scanning Microscopy significantly as it allows scanning with eight beams. Eight beams can be arranged to a user defined foci pattern in the object plane of the microscope. The beam arrangement is software controlled and can be optimized during the measurement.

Microscopy of dynamic events always depends on signal to noise ratio and therefore on the fluorescence intensity. In turn the fluorescence intensity depends on the fluorophore, the excitation power and the exited area. If it comes to in vivo Ca2+ imaging of somata the fluorophore is given and the maximum excitation power is limited because of photo bleaching. Exciting the cell body by scanning its entire area increases the fluorescence yield. The Cloud Scanner excites this necessarily larger area at once. It allows defining a pattern of eight diffraction limited foci filling the structure of interest. Therefore the individual soma does not have to be scanned anymore and could be excited at once. Cloud scanning can be applied to all scanning patterns including raster scan, line scan and point measurements. Increasing the fluorescence signal leads to better results and allows faster imaging.

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TRIM Scope II: Second Generation, Self-aligning 2-Photon Microscope

The TriM Scope II multi photon-box represents the second generation of two photon microscopes and is designed for fast and deep imaging in a multi-user environment. It always comes as a single beam instrument including upright stand and 2 NDD detectors close to the objective lens. As an option it can include:

LaVision BioTecs patented beam splitting optics for simultaneous 64 beam scanning

  • - up to 8 NDD detectors
  • - various CCD cameras
  • - LaVision BioTec's fast TCSPC detector
  • - descanned detectors for Confocal detection
  • - pre-chirp compensation
  • - OPO technology

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