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Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

FLIM X 16 - 78 Mhz TCSPC Detector

LaVision BioTec's FLIM-X16 TCSPC detector combines the advantages of intensified CCD cameras and PMT based FLIM detectors. It is fast and delivers confocal resolution even in deep tissue imaging.

The image acquisition time of PMT based FLIM systems is limited by the maximum photon counting rate, which is in the range of 1-8 MHz. FLIM systems, which are based on intensified CCD cameras overcome this restriction but their sensitivity and spacial resolution is limited. LaVision BioTec's PMT based FLIM  X 16TCSPC [time correlated single photon counting] detector combines both advantages. It is fast and sensitive. Advanced electronics and optics deliver 76 MHz photon counting rate [short term bursts up to 2.5 GHz]. Therefore the FLIM X16 TCSPC is the perfect FLIM detector for laser-scanning microscopes.

Coupling to the Microscope:

The integration to the microscope is straightforward as LaVision BioTec's FLIM X 16 can be coupled to any microscope PMT port by a liquid light guide. LaVision BioTec's software supports simultaneous FLIM and fluorescence intensity measurement.


LaVision BioTec's TCSPC [time correlated single photon counting] system includes

  • - Liquid light guide for optical coupling to the microscope
  • - Collection optics
  • - 16 anodes PMT-array
  • - Analog electronics including 16 CFDs [Constant Fraction Discriminator]
  • - Two 8-channel TDCs [Time To Digital Converter] including FIFO storage for each TDC channel that allows short term detection at a rate of up to 2.5 Ghz
  • - Long-term acquisition rate is 76 MHz only 5.5 ns dead time for each TDC channel
  • - 1 FPGA [Field Programmable Gate Array] including USB 2 interface to the computer
  • - ImSpector Software Package including FLIM module.
  • - LaVision BioTec's ImSpector microscopy software provides an easy to use GUI to operate all TCSPC modes and to handle and process the data
  • - Lab View Driver


Input Channels

To synchronize the FLIM X 16 to the microscopy setup it has to be
triggered by the laser and the scanner. The FLIM X 16 provides 3 TTL
inputs for:

  • - Laser Trigger
  • - Frame Trigger and
  • - Line Trigger

Computer Interface

The FLIM X 16 has an USB 2 interface that makes data transfer to
the computer fast and easy. LaVision BioTec's ImSpector Software
Package proceeds the data to get real time FLIM images.


  • - Total counting rate: 76 MHz
  • - # of channels: 16
  • - Temporal bin size: 80 ps
  • - Dead time/channel: 5.5 ns
  • - Max counting rate [burst]: >2.5 GHz
  • - Multi-hit ability: yes

FLIM image of 1080 Cancer Cells:

Intensity image of 1080 cancer cells and decay curves of an individual cell and background.

FLIMX16 TCSPC Detector



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