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TriM Scope Detectors

TriM Scope Detectors

Both instruments TriM Scope I and TriM Scope II can be equipped with up to 8 NDD PMT detectors for single beam operation and up to 2 CCDs for multi-beam operation. Furthermore, both instruments can operate LaVision BioTec's FLIM x 16 TCSPC detector.

CCDs and Filter Wheel

Currently LaVision BioTec supports the following CCDs


  • - PCO.1600 CCD
  • - Pixelfly qe CCD
  • - Sensicam qe CCD
  • - PCO.1200 HS


  • - iXonEM+ 885 EMCCD
  • - iXonEM+897 back thinned EMCCD


  • - Orca-R2 CCD
  • - ImageEM  Enhanced C9100-13 back thinned EMCCD
  • - ImageEM 1K C9100-14 EMCCD

For other models please contact LaVision BioTec.

High Speed Filter Wheel

LaVision BioTec provides a fast 8 position filterwheel that is synchronized to the CCD and integrated into the LaVision BioTec ImSpector software package.

  • - 8 position filter wheel accomodates 25mm standard filters
  • - Simple load/unload mechanism
  • - <50ms between adjacent positions
  • - Filter positions are controlled via RS232 interface
  • - Simple protocol, driver for most OS available
  • - Adapters for most standards available (c-mount, dovetail, ...)

NDD PMT Detectors

Both TriM Scopes support up to 8 NDD Detectors that can be mounted  above the fluorescence arm, close to the objective lens and under the microscopy stage. Between the NDD ports one can place spectral adapters to mount more than one PMT module. The TriM Scope supports up to 8 non descanned PMT detectors.

  • - Up to 2 NDD detectors can be in transmission,
  • - Up to 4 NDD detectors can be close to the objective and
  • - Up to 4 detectors can be above the fluorescence arm.

The chosen NDD detector can be a cooled generation III GaAsP PMT or an APD detector that delivers more than 40% quantum efficiency.

Ultra Sensitive PMT Port

NDD detector close to the objective lens

Ultra Sensitive Port

Transmission NDD PMT Port

NDD Detector mounted in transmission on a slider

Triple Imaging Port


  • - Accomodates up to 3 detection devices3 confmigurations adjustable
  • - Top ccd
  • - Rear ccd and top ccd (light can be separated with dichroic or beam splitter)
  • - Side port (can be equipped with LaVision BioTec Multi PMT Detector Block)
  • - Fits for most commercial microscopes
  • - Adapters for most standards available (c-mount, dovetail, ..


2X / 3X / 4X PMT Spectral Adapters

Accommodates up to 4 PMTs


  • - Separates up to 4 wavelengths by dichroic mirrors and edge filters
  • - Simple load/unload mechanism for dichroics and filters
  • - Integrated manual shutterfits to most commercial microscopes
  • - Adapters for most standards available (c-mount, dovetail, ...)




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