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to the new home of LaVision Biotec Asia-Pacific, the exclusive regional distributor for LaVision Biotec GmbH, offering full technical sales and service support for customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.




LaVision Biotec Asia-Pacific is a division of Lastek Pty Ltd. Based in Adelaide, Australia, and established in 1988, Lastek is the most experienced distributor of lasers, spectroscopic systems and imaging technologies in Australasia.


LaVision BioTec GmbH offers unique imaging products connecting biology and optics. Specializing in the development of innovative optical equipment for life science applications, the span of technologies reaches from intravital microscopy to fluorescent imagers for microarrays.



Mouse Hippocampus, Thy-1 GFP

(Courtesy Bianca Schmidt, Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich)



Ultramicroscope II:

UltraMicroscope II

In 2009 the first commercial light sheet microscope was launched by LaVision BioTec. Today we present the second generation of our light sheet microscope which has been inspired by our user’s feedback.


UM 2 chamber


The new UltraMicroscope II utilizes six thin light sheets to excite samples while the fluorescence light is detected with a sCMOS equipped microscope that is mounted perpendicular to the plane illumination. By moving the sample through the light sheets one generates a 3D image stack at cellular resolution.





The LaVision Biotec TriM Scope II multi photon-box represents the second generation of two photon microscopes and is designed for fast and deep imaging in a multi-user environment.



Fluorescence, second and third harmonic imaging

(courtesy Peter Friedl)


New Cloud Scanner: Flexible Multipoint Scanning

The revolutionary Cloud Scanner: Brighter images and less bleaching

LaVision BioTec has developed a new flexible multi point scanning for brighter images and selective excitation below single cell size.  Read more...



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